Hi Joseph,

I have thought about this, especially incorporating overshot patterns. As 
others have said, you would have to consider the fact that bobbin lace is 
worked as two weft rows at a time.  
I envisioned doing a drawdown to plot the pattern rows to follow (which would 
be woven with a single bobbin), and since each overshot pattern row is followed 
by a tabby (plain weave) row, you could weave one bobbin across after each 
pattern row.  (Every alternate row would be woven with the other bobbin of the 
weaver pair.) Alternatively, you could experiment weaving a regular cloth 
stitch row (i.e. with both bobbins) after each pattern row. It would look 
different but it could be interesting! 

I recently saw some loom weaving where cards (as for tablet/card weaving) were 
added at the  edges...another interesting combination of techniques. I guess 
we’re only limited by our imaginations! (-;

Vicki in Maryland 

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