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> Hoi,
> I am sorry but when people want to localise Klingon in the Klingon script
> they are welcome to it. This has nothing to do with the language policy. It
> is up to the people at translatewiki.net to decide on that. In the past
> their requirement for Klingon was that it had to use the Klingon script.
> The scope of the language committee typically ends with the creation of a
> new project. However, in the past we did recommend for the closure of wikis
> when the language used was NOT the language advertised. The removal happened
> in the end.
> We do and did get involvement in the addition of new languages in Wikidata
> for ISO 639-3. The purpose was that they did not wan to add all languages
> and having a process where the language committee wisely nodded is what we
> have. This is for ISO 639-3 only.

Please, read again what I wrote.

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