Hi, folks --

I'm a long-time user of ledger and the ledger.el mode in emacs. For the 
last couple of months (or so) I've found ledger.el to be very, very slow in 
any instance in which it searches for an account name. Two good examples:

- I tab to autocomplete an account name. For example, if I type "Expe" and 
then hit tab, it takes literally 10 seconds to complete to "Expenses:".

- When I execute "ledger-reconcile," I get the same 10-second pause.

Additional data points (apologies if this is too much; I'm not sure whether 
it's relevant or not)

   - I also use helm-mode (and used helm-mode with ledger-mode for months 
   without this issue). When I execute ledger-reconcile with helm-mode 
   enabled, I get the same 10-second pause. Then when I key in a unique 
   identifier for the account (e.g., creditcardA), it typically presents me 
   with two options for that account. If I select the first one, I'm told that 
   there are no unreconciled entries for the account, even though I know there 
   are. If I select the second one, then I'm given the list of unreconciled 
   entries, and I can proceed to reconcile the account. I get this pause 
   whether I have helm-mode enabled or not. But the example with helm enabled 
   suggests (to me) that for some reason ledger might be scanning another file 
   in order to assemble the names for auto-complete.
   - My ledger file is relatively large (~90,000 lines), but this latency 
   appeared suddenly.
   - I have several include lines in my ledger file, but I have this 
   latency even if I delete these lines.
   - In the last few months I've started using git to manage all of my text 
   files. However, I've tried moving my file to a clean directory so that (I 
   think) git isn't an issue, and I still have the latency. 

I finally found some time today to investigate the problem, but I've been 
unsuccessful. I'm hoping that folks here who know much more about these 
things than I do can at least suggest some things to look for.

I'm on a Mac with High Sierra, using emacs 25.3.1, Ledger 3.1.1-20160111, 
and the most recent ledger.el from elpa.

Thanks --



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