Big game for Saiz, tonight, I reckon.

I read on one of those moronic clickbait sites today an article: 5 reasons
why Leeds should sell Saiz in the summer. I started out reading it
scoffingly, but ended up thinking that actually they've got a point.

Obviously, us losing all 6 games of his suspension made him look
indispensable, but is he really that valuable?

As our resident sage RW pointed out quite correctly last week, he is
obviously a pretty repulsive twat personally. He is also extremely
volatile. It would be great tonight if we had a ref who recognised that
every team in this league has figured out that the way to stop him is to do
Mourinho-style take-it-in-turns fouling. But we will probably have another
bonehead who won't even notice. So will Saiz end up with yet another yellow
card received after he himself was fouled..........or worse, a red?

Another thing is that I have a feeling the other players all become a bit
jittery (as if they weren't bloody jittery enough already after our recent
results) due to Saiz's intensity and obvious frustration. I was over for
the Forest match, when Saiz was very impressive, but I felt the rest of the
team was slightly intimidated by him. Roofe's chance, set up by Saiz after
a brilliant run, and smacked against the bar when he should have scored,
was a case in point.

TBH, SS was about as rubbish as everybody else up at Boro.

I hope he is brilliant and scores and leads us to victory
tonight............but if he isn't...............???!!!
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