I don't think it is just Saiz that Heck needs to get the best out of.  He has 
to find a combination and formation that gets the best out of all of them.

As has been mentioned before, Only Jannson, Forshaw, Saiz and Hernandez (+ 
Ayling injured)  look capable of performing well enough on a regular basis.
To be fair to Berardi, he is steady enough and even the much-maligned Cooper is 
less error-prone than last year.

Of the others, I believe that Lasogga, Roofe, Alioski, Dallas, Vieira, 
Phillips, O'Kane all have something to offer.
The problem is that they either have more flaws than attributes or are just so 
inconsistent as to be unreliable.

Heck has to work out where/how to play them, to maximise their strengths and 
hide their weaknesses.
Then work out what the f*** to do about the left-back and goalkeeper positions, 
because Wiedwald and De Bock are too error prone to even make it into the group 
above.   If 5 of the 7  in that group play at their best we can beat Wolves. If 
none do, we'll get hammered.


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