GET IT LIVE - GET IT AT TRADES HALL ARTS, bringing class back into the
class struggle . . .

Chris Falk has put together a new ensemble of some of the finest musical
and vocal talent in town, with each band member bringing a stunning
music history to the outfit . . . Paul Hester (Crowded House), Justin
Brady (Things of Stone and Wood), Chris Scallan (David Bridie Band) and
Angela Falk. Take the winter chill off with a "Hot August Arvo".

Well known for her solo work and performance with Swish and The Big
Easy, Chris's honey vocals and sophisticated guitar work are as exciting
as ever. With 20 years experience to guide her, Chris knows how to draw
up music from the soul, warm the room and leave the audience feeling

Chris Falk and Band's new CD "It's Alright" is out now.
Trades Hall Bar
3 - 6pm Sunday, August 10th
Tickets $10 Full/ $8 Conc (kids FREE) @ the door on the day

A La Trobe Student Union Theatre Triple (yes, triple!!) Bill
MYSTERIES - In the middle of the summer of 1891 the most extraordinary
things began happening in a small Norwegian coastal town, A stranger by
the name of Nagel appeared, a singular character who shook the town by
his eccentric behaviour and then vanished as suddenly as he had come. At
one point he had a visitor, a mysterious young lady who came for God
knows what reason and dare stay only a few hours.
Written by Knut Hamsun (earning him the 1892 Nobel Prize for
Literature), Adapted by Adam Cass, Directed by Bob Pavlich
August 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22 at 8pm - August 23 at 6pm

THE BLIND MEN - Three blind men are walking to Rome. One behind the
other, they squabble over who is the leader, and bicker over who sees
best. They are going to ask a little favour of the Pope . . . if they
get there. Talk about the blind leading the blind . . .
THE WOMEN AT THE TOMB - The moon is extinguished. The streets are full
of brawling drinks and praying fanatics. Ten women find themselves
sheltering together in a deserted house. One man's death has sent the
city into chaos . . .
Written by Michel de Ghelderode, Directed by Melissa Coffey
August 13, 15, 19 & 21 at 8pm - August 16 & 17 at 6pm - August 23 at 9pm

The New Ballroom
August 12th until 23rd
Tickets: $13 Full/ $8 Conc for each show : : OR : : $20 Full/ $15 Conc
for all shows
Bookings & Info Ph: 9479 1198

presented by Green Left Weekly and Committees
in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean
The Revolution Will Not be Televised is a feature length documentary
about Hugo Chavez, President of Venezula. Over the course of 7 months,
from January to July 2002, the film makers secured unprecendented access
to film Chavez in his daily life. During this time there was a coup and
the film makers were the only crew inside the presedential palace at the
time. They were also the first there for his triumphant return some 48

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised recently recieved the Global
Televison Grand Prize and was acclaimed by the international jury as
"the best televison program in the world this year".

This film is a thrilling insight into President Chavez and the power of
the globalised media.
Rated PG - Running time: 74 minutes

The New Council Chamber
6:30pm Wedsnesday, August 14th
Tickets: $10 Full/ $7 Conc
Bookings Ph: 9639 8622 or just role up on the night

BLACKLINES: Contemporary Critical
Writing by Indigenous Australians
Book Launch presented by
Melbourne University Press
Written by established and emerging Indigenous intellectuals from a
variety of positions, perspectives and places, these essays generate new
ways of seeing and understanding Indigenous Australian history, culture,
identity and knowledge in both national and global contexts. The essays
offer provocative insights and compelling argument around the historical
and contemporary issues confronting Indigenous Australians today.

The book will be launched by Professor Lynette Russell, Director of the
Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies - Monash Univeristy.
Contributers include: - Ian Anderson, Fabienne Bayet-Charlton, Jeannie
Bell, Tony Birch, Mick Dodson, Jackie Huggins, Sonja Kurtzer, Marcia
Langton, Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Philip Morrissey, Martin Nakata, Margo
Neale, Lin Onus, Hetti Perkins and more.

"Blacklines: Contemporary Critical Writing by Indigenous Australians"
published by Melbourne University Press, Paper Back 260 pages
ISBN: 0-522-85069-3 Price $34.95

Trades Hall Bar
6:30 - 8pm Wednesday, August 20th
FREE Event

54 Victoria St (cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
more info visit

"Consider the fact that for 3.8 billion years, a period of time older
than the Earth's mountains and rivers and oceans, every one of your
forebears on both sides has been attractive enough to find a mate,
healthy enough to reproduce, and sufficiently blessed by fate and
circumstances to live long enough to do so. Not one of your pertinent
ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stuck fast, untimely
wounded or otherwise deflected from its life's quest of delivering a
tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right moment
to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combinations that
could result - eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly - in you."
- Bill Bryson, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" (DoubleDay, 2003)


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