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Commonplace Productions presents
The Ishmael Club is a new play about Melbourne Bohemians in the early
1900's. It is the story of the intense friendship between artists Will
Dyson, Norman Lindsay and Ruby Lind. These artists gather at Mrs
Maggia's cafe where garlic, red wine and impromptu theatrics keep the
night at bay. The cafe is home to the Ishmael Club - the outsiders club.

Melbourne has long exhibited an argumentative spirit, a tradition of
fiercely frank speaking, a delight in no-holds-barred having-it-out in
public. The audience will recognise the debates about art, morality and
politics vividly brought to life in The Ishmael Club because they still
rage here today.

Written by Bill Garner & Sue Gore, Directed by Denis Moore, Performed by
Brett Climo, Robert Menzies, Asher Keddie & Faye Bendrups, Set Design by
Shaun Gurton, Lighting Design by Nick Merrylees

The Old Council Chambers
8pm Tues - Sat, Aug 26th until Sept 13 + 2pm Saturday matinees
Preview August 25th - Discount tickets $20 Full/ $15 conc
Season Tickets $25 Full/ $20 Conc
Bookings Ph: 9534 5984 or Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

with Verity Burgmann
New International Books presents Verity Burgmann - activist and radical
academic - speaking on directions for the anti-corporate movement in the
wake of the Iraq war.

Verity's publications include Revolutionary Industrial Unionism (on the
IWW), Green Bans, Red Union (on the BLF) and the recent Power, Profit
and Protest (on Australian social movements). The talk will be followed
by discussion from the floor.

New International Bookshop
6:30pm Wednesday, August 20th
$6 Full/ $5 Members/ $2 Conc

Published by Vulgar Press - Book Launch
A great new book to be launched by Tony Birch, with readings and stories
by Allan Hardy, Mavis Robertson, Ralph De Boissiere and more. . .

This is the first collection of major critical essays on 'the most
Australian Australian'. Contributing writers include John Frow, John
McLaren, David Carter, Cath Ellis, Nathan Hollier and many more. The
editors have gathered material from a broad and impressive variety of
sources and critical perspectives. This long awaited collection also
features a posthumously published essay by Frank Hardy, David Nadel's
controversial ket to Power Without Glory and Tony Morphett's revealing
Spectrum interview.

Trades Hall Bar
2-4pm Sunday, August 24th
FREE Event

Presented by Friends of the Earth
Now in its 8th year Wild Spaces is Australia's only national film
festival focused entirely on environmental, social justice and human
rights issues. This years theme is "Global Hope". This film festival
plays a vital role in building awareness of local, national and
international issues, and inspiring audiences into action.

Wild Spaces showcases a broad range of documentaries, animations and
short films, exploring issues that may not be seen on mainstream media.
It is a new media forum that is uncensored and committed to screening
films that explore and depict real people from around the world, the
issues they face, and the work they are doing to build stronger
communities and a healthier planet.

New Council Chambers
7-10pm Friday, August 29th
3-6pm, 7-10pm Saturday, August 30th
Single Session: $15 Full/$12 Conc - Saturday Special: $25 Full/$20 Conc
- All Sessions: $40 Full/$30 Conc


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