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Naked Communist Terrorist Hippies from Outer Space tells the story of a
group of aliens who land on Earth after they are shocked to observe our
wars, poverty, pollution and general insanity. In their naive,
well-intentioned manner they attempt to show the people of Earth a
simple solution to our problems.

Presented in THEATRERAMA: An exciting new 3D process that leads you to
believe that you are in the same room as the actors!

Keep Left Theatre - satire at its natural best from a left-wing
perspective. Naked Communist Terrorist Hippies from Outer Space is from
the very same Keep Left Theatre team that brought you "S11 - The
Dividing Line", "Complicity", and "WTO - The Musical".

The Old Council Chambers
8pm Wed - Sat, June 5 - 14
$15 Full/ $10 Conc
Bookings Ph: 9318 5271

MICHAEL MOORE'S TV NATION - The acclaimed director of "Bowling For
Columbine" takes on the KKK, Michigan Militia, Aryan Nations and various
homophobes in the infamous "Love Night" episode of his 1996 U.S. TV
show. Never before aired in Melbourne. Rated M - Running Time 20 mins

MARK THOMAS: WEAPONS INSPECTOR - Left wing British comedian Mark Thomas
turns the tables on the British authorities by conducting his own
weapons inspections of hallowed institutions such as Buckingham Palace
as well as British and US war bases. Neither this program nor this
episode have been shown before in Australia. Rated G - Running Time 45

QUEERUPTION 2002 - This British documentary follows the 5 days of Queer
chaos that exploded during the 2002 London Queeruption festival.
Australian debut. Rated M - Running Time 20 mins

FOOD NOT BOMBS - A recent documentary that follows the Melbourne Food
Not Bombs crew through a typical day of preparing and delivering free
food to the homeless. Rated G - Running Time 20 mins

All proceeds benefit 3CR Radio and the Squatters & Unwaged Workers
Airwaves show.

New Ballroom
7pm Friday, June 6th
$5 Full/ Gold Coin 4 Unwaged
Tickets available at the door on the night

Book Launch of Graham Hastings
Histroy of Australian Student Activism
Graham Hastings long awaited history of student activism, "It Can't
Happen Here" will be launched at the New International Bookshop. There
will be a Panel with lively anecdotes from the annals of the student

GRAHAM HASTINGS - former campus activist, currently research officer at
the Melbourne national office of the National Union of Students;
TOM CARGILL - was General Secretary of the Flinders University Students'
Association, currently has been working a a staffer for various ALP MPs.

KEN McALPINE - Known as 'Red Ken'  during his student politics days in
NSW and SA in the 70's & 80'S's, currently the national industrial
officer of the NTEU.
CAMILLE BARBAGELLO - a leading student activist in the Queensland, very
active in recent anti-capitalist and Baxter protests, National Education
Officer of NUS in 2002, currently is the co-ordinator of the Victorian
Young Unionist Network
Chaired by JEFF SPARROW - as well as being the co-ordinator  of the NIBS
collective Jeff was active in the Victorian student activism in the
1990s and was one of the infamous Austudy 5.

The book, the first comprehensive history of Australian student
activism, covers the Vietnam/Springbok protests, the wave of campus
occupations in 1973/4 - including the 29 day occupation at Flinders
University, a history of national student unionism from the 1920s till
now, VSU, the free education movement and the recent anti-capitalist
protests. Copies of the book, literally hot off the press, will be
available for $25.

New International Bookshop
6:30pm - Wednesday, June 4th
FREE Event

Gypsy Music by CZARDAS
One Night Only
Czardas (pronounced: zar darsh) play a panoply of gypsy music from
Russia and Hungary, a touch of klezmer, a bit of Balkan and the
occasional venture into flamenco. Czardas also play original material
inspired by Eastern European music.

Their music is romantic, full of passion and pathos. They add to their
concerts, a sprinkle of gypsy swing revealing the lighter whimsical side
gypsy music.
Czardas are Marjorie Gadd on violin, Steve Gadd on Guitar and bazouki,
and Erin Collins on vocals.

Marjorie is a professional string teacher and co-director of The
Tasmanian Heritage String Ensemble. Steve is a composer, folklorist and
collector and is known nationally for his playing in Shake Sugaree and
for his solo performances. Erin has taught singing, in particular folk
songs and rhythm, to upper primary students for the past 12 years.

Trades Hall Bar
7pm: 1st set - 9pm: 2nd set
Friday, June 13th
FREE Event


54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
more info visit

"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as
kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills
and listening to repetitive electronic music." - Cristian Wilson,
Nintendo Inc (1989)

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