Amen Pauline; automatic renewals should be outlawed. I guess they think we
are all too stupid to check credit card statements. Perhaps it's just
another covert method to separate folks from their money in this all too
capitalistic society. Now even the internet is a bad as TV with pop-up
commercials to BUY, BUY, BUY. Genealogy used to be an enjoyable pastime;
thank you corporate America for ruining it. Go buy another politician and
leave us alone!

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 2:38 AM, Pauline B. Cramer <>

> I was reviewing a lot of comments about MyHeritage on the Legacy User
> Group  and ran across the comment Carrie Pillow wrote mentioning "you can
> transfer your raw DNA to MyHeritage for free.  You must have an account
> with MyHeritage to do this but you can create a free account which allows
> you to have a tree up to 250 people."
> Sorry.  Be wary of anything "free" from MyHeritage.  My husband and I
> first did autosomal testing with 23andMe in about 2013.  They also had a
> crude tool for entering family tree history.  I detested the clunky format
> and did not enter much data on it.  Later, 23andMe informed us they were no
> longer going to support family tree data, and they had sent our DNA and
> family tree data to MyHeritage.   That was in February of 2014.  I had
> previously opened an account on WorldVitalRecords, and in February 2014,
> MyHeritage informed me that WorldVitalRecords had been merged with
> MyHeritage,  so in February 2014, MyHeritage said they had given us "a free
> empty MyHeritage account for one year, which is a gift worth $119, for
> free,  and we would have access to World Vital Records and My Heritage
> both.  The Premium Plus account will not renew automatically.  By creating
> your family tree on our site, you will automatically receive your matches
> for free. "
> In February 2015, email from MyHeritage thanked me for purchasing an
> annual bundle of data subscription plus PremiumPlus family site. You have
> been charged US $99.95 ...We have upgraded our existing family site Cramer
> Family Site to PremiumPlus.  I had to request a new password, because I had
> not been using it and had not recorded the password.  The next day, they
> sent another email starting with "An error occurred while renewing your
> MyHeritage Data Subscription.  It was not possible to extend your
> subscription and it expired. " They offered a MyHeritage Data subscription
> that will cots US $71.40 for one year, instead of the usual  $119.40.
> About two weeks later I requested a new password again and tried entering
> data again, but did not like the user interface.   Again in Feb 2015,  I
> requested a new password.  So I remember I put a few photos on the tree,
> but I really did not like the data entry format. That was about the last
> time I remember even looking at the MyHeritage website, until I started
> noticing funny little orange icons turning up on my  Legacy Family Tree on
> my desktop computer.
> Apparently my desktop computer was getting messages from MyHeritage asking
> me to verify something someone else had entered on their trees, and smart
> matches found my entries, which I found very annoying, since whenever I saw
> these messages, my mind was always focused on something else far away.  I
> have been a subscriber to for many years, and I have been
> focusing on AncestryDNA and growing my trees on and on my
> Legacy Family Tree file,  and looking for my 1000+ living cousins on
> AncestryDNA, and how I am connected to them, and also on FTDNA and
> 23andMe.  And I had no interest in working on the  old trees on
> MyHeritage.  And I never considered buying DNA analysis from My Heritage.
> But I noticed people on the Legacy Family Tree user group talking about My
> Heritage DNA testing.
> Unfortunately, a few days ago, Februrary 2018, I noticed an email from
> MyHeritage saying I was charged $250.74.  This shocked me because  I
> thought my subscription had expired.  I asked my husband to check charges.
> He had just paid it that morning.  He also found we had paid $238.80 in
> 2016, etc..  Which was another shocker.  He immediately sent an email
> cancelling the 2018 payment he had just made.  It took a couple of years to
> look at 5 years of paper trail.  We appear to have have charged over $750
> for something I did not ask for in the first place  and did not like when I
> attempted to use it.  I have been using Legacy Family Tree for over 15
> years, since 2002, but, if Legacy Family Tree is now owned by My Heritage,
> my first impulse is just to give up on genealogy.
> Pauline
> On 1/12/2018 1:43 AM, Carrie Pillow wrote:
> You can transfer your raw DNA to MyHeritage for free. You must have an
> account with MyHeritage to do this but you can create a free account which
> allows you to have a tree up to 250 people.
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