Some things that can affect the speed with which Legacy opens a file:

Hard Drive speed versus size of your file and media files; (your SSD should not be a problem here) but if you are opening Legacy or images on an external drive it could be an issue

Images and their size large images will slow down Legacy display

Are Hints turned on? getting hints may slow the opening

Same with Potential Problems

On 15-Nov-23 1:02 a.m., David Cripps wrote:
Hi Everybody,

I have a strange issue with a brand new Desktop computer, wherein Legacy itself might take 20-30 seconds to load at first start of the day. It's quite disconcerting when it happens, especially as this machine should be (and is) an absolute flyer.

My old desktop clunker was getting a bit long in the tooth, so the guts of my upgrade is:

13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700KF 3.40 GHz
Samsung SSD 990 PRO 2TB, M.2 NVMe
Windows 11 Home, Ver. 23H2, 64 bit
Legacy with 10,000 names

I'm reaching out to see what others think of this, and I wondering the obvious simple thing, like, is it an issue of a lack of memory ? Should I double it to 64 GB ? Or make the RAM larger ?

The re-install of Legacy went fine, and without issue, and I continue to carry on my research, do backups, and the odd bit of editing. As I said after the first start of Legacy, all's well, and I can work away all day if I like.

I thought there might be a slim chance this issue has been dealt with before and resolved by a simple tweak, so I'd love to hear the technical types throw their solutions my way.

Many thanks
David Cripps in Tasmania


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