Not so surprising they have problems solving it when it is only some people 
having that problem.

I have an 11 year old Dell computer with 32 Gb Ram and have 630000 people in 
the file.
I do however ran Windows 10.
Legacy starts instantly for me whether I use V9 or V9.5


På onsdag 15. november 2023 21.54.52 (+01:00), skrev David Cripps:

On 15/11/2023 10:39 pm, Jenny M Benson wrote:

I haven't opened Legacy *a lot* in the past few weeks, but I had been thinking 
that it seemed to be much slower to start than it used to be. I just fired it 
up now (also and Windows 11 updated whenever it wants to - yesterday, 
for example) and it took 45 seconds from click top Family View open.

Just woken up Jenny on this side of the pond, and I've heard back from Tech 

They are well aware of the problem, and one of their own staff has had the 
issue, but so far the Developers can't reproduce it. They are doing everything 
they can to isolate the problem and fix.
So far there isn't a repair, so for the moment a work around doesn't exist.

But for me, it's only the first start, and after that I'm fine.

Thanks though Jenny for the response.

David in Tasmania

David Cripps <> <> 
Hobart, Tasmania
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