That works, except the file test.leo loads the theme supplied by 
myLeoSettings.leo instead of the theme contained in the file I am currently 
working in. eg. Breeze Light Theme - KDE Plasma.leo.

I started out developing *in* myLeoSettings.leo but the new standalone file 
makes far more sense than continuing to do that.

Ultimately I am looking for a way to close and open the current file.

Then the script could simply reload-style-sheets, close current file, open 
current file, and move on.

@language python
import os


os.system('konsole -e python3 ~/leo-editor/ 
    # Open ~/test.leo in a separate console.
    # t.bat ends with exit so the console closes when I close Leo.
leo_dir = g.os_path_finalize_join(, '..', '..')
# print(g.os_path_abspath(os.curdir))


> On Linux, use something like this:
> os.system('x-terminal-emulator -e python <path-to> 
> <path-to>test.leo')
> HTH.
> Edward

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