On 06/08/2017 07:56 μμ, Ken Moffat wrote:
On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 06:38:45PM +0300, Thanos Baloukas wrote:
On 06/08/2017 05:57 μμ, Alan Feuerbacher wrote:
On 8/5/2017 10:58 PM, Thanos Baloukas wrote:

I'm going to buy a new system to speed up lfs builds. From what I read
the new AMD Ryzen 7 1700 would be a good choice for this job. Has anyone
tested this processor on lfs?

In early May I bought a new ASUS TUF motherboard, Intel 3770 processor,
and 32G of ram. LFS builds quickly on this new system. I would think
that the new AMD processor would be similar.

Thanks. My concern is not that much on speed, various benchmarks
I've seen show it's fast enough. What I have in mind is stability
and compatibility. Segmentation faults, software produced not running
on other machines and such.

For not running on other machines, my usual answer is to blame gmp.

Except from gmp, I thought that until gcc catch up with Ryzen,
such problems would arise.

Nowadays I always use the fsf config scripts in gmp:

cp -v  config{fsf,}.guess
cp -v config{fsf,}.sub

and then run configure.  I don't _expect_ to run binaries on a
different machine, but this seems a safer thing to do.

For Ryzen, I hope to get one - but I need to sort out various things
first (e.g. my KVM switches and monitors all use D-SUB, I don't see
me coming up with a quick solution to that).  But in the last week I
remember seeing a post on lkml about problems with Ryzen, and it
seems there are a lot of reports.

One thread starts at
and it looks as if segfaults are common.

Other reports, e.g. at phoronix, note that some users are seeing the
problems and others aren't.


Thanks for the link, it's very enlightening. It seems that I'll have to
delay the order until things clear up. A chasing game is happening
between users, AMD people, bios manufacturers, and kernel and gcc
developers, and I'd rather not get into that.

Opting in favor of Intel's safety is still an option, but 8 cores,
16 threads, at 65w TDP, for about 300 euro is very tempting
and I think it deserves some waiting.

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