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> Mark Gregory <7605mgreg...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> To me, it appears the problem is it can't find a C++ preprocessor.  I am 
>> installing GCC-6.3.0 and I thought it was supposed to provide the 
>> package it is looking for.  It seems like a circular reasoning loop to 
>> me: 'I need the C++ preprocessor to build the C++ preprocessor.'  I am 
>> not that sharp in Linux, as I have only been doing Linux for a couple 
>> years, and mostly with self-installing distributions (Cinnamon Mint, 
>> Slackware).  I started try to install LFS to learn more about Linux, but 
>> so far, I am getting an 'F'.  Any help would be appreciated.
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>> Mark Gregory
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> The rather complicated procedure for building your primary compilation tools 
> as described in Chapter 5 is designed to deal with precisely this circularity.
> In the first pass build of gcc, you use mainly the tools provided by your 
> host; only the binutils are new. This produces a statically linked skeletal 
> gcc configured to work independently of the host system. You then use this to 
> build glibc and libstdc++. Finally you rebuild binutils and gcc as programs 
> linked dynamically to these new libraries.
Thank you Hazel and others for the replies.  The problem with me is that
I don't know enough about Linux to know what to do next.  Since Knoppix
is listed as a choice for a host system in the FAQ, I assume there is a
way to build LFS using Knoppix as a host.  What I don't know is how to
add the missing package(s) so they will work with Knoppix to build the
LFS packages I need.  I am using Knoppix as a live disk, not as an
installed operating system, and it escapes me how to add a package.

Any hints on how to do it?

*Mark Gregory
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