> I've checked in new versions of libdbi/src/dbi_main.c containing the
> implementations of the transaction functions and libdbi-
> drivers/tests/test_dbi.c with a first shot at the required test functions.
> MySQL seems to fail to rollback transactions on my box whereas SQLite3
> succeeds. I'm too tired now to track this down, maybe someone else can
> have a look at this too. I hope I'll get back to this on the weekend.

Hi Markus,

we have given it a try today and things look pretty good :-). Unfortunately, we 
can reproduce the problem with MySQL. I barely remember that MySQL by default 
has implicit commits enabled, what needs to be turned off if you need real ones.

At least I have check the tx support in our native mysql driver that Ulrike did 
and there is this call. Maybe it's useful for you:

Thanks again for your help!

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