On 25/01/13 7:40 PM, markus.hoeni...@mhoenicka.de wrote:
> Markus Hoenicka writes:
>   >  Another possible reason for problems is the table type. If someone
>   >  uses MyISAM tables, the result I got would be expected. However, MySQL
>   >  uses InnoDB tables as default these days, and I double-checked that
>   >  they were used in my tests.
> Turns out that InnoDB is the default engine only in versions 5.5.5 and
> later. On my box, MyISAM tables were created by default. The test

Yes, you just found out the hard way that it's wise to include ENGINE 
specifications in MySQL CREATE TABLE's.

They took far too long to change the default engine to InnoDB.


> correctly found out that the latter don't support transactions :-(
> I've changed the CREATE TABLE statement on my box to ask for InnoDB
> tables instead. This eliminates the failure of the rollback test.
> I'll try and finish the test suite asap. The transaction tests require
> some polish as they should run only if the driver supports
> transactions.
> regards,
> Markus

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