Rainer Gerhards <rgerha...@hq.adiscon.com> was heard to say:

> we have given it a try today and things look pretty good :-).

Sounds good :-)

> Unfortunately, we can reproduce the problem with MySQL. I barely  
> remember that MySQL by default has implicit commits enabled, what  
> needs to be turned off if you need real ones.

As Olivier already mentioned, any eplicit START TRANSACTION overrides  
autocommit, so this shouldn't interfere here. Even if an application  
using libdbi turns autocommit off or on deliberately, START  
TRANSACTION should still work as expected.

Another possible reason for problems is the table type. If someone  
uses MyISAM tables, the result I got would be expected. However, MySQL  
uses InnoDB tables as default these days, and I double-checked that  
they were used in my tests.

I'll try to test the pgsql driver on the weekend to see if that causes  
problems too. I'll also check the MySQL logs to see if I find  
something weird, and I'll run some transactions in MySQL's plain ol'  
command line interface just to make sure it isn't MySQL playing tricks  
on us.


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