Am 18.02.2013 00:51, schrieb
> Christoph Kottke writes:
>   > hi,
>   >
>   > i've installed the latest cvs revisions for libdbi and libdbi-driver and
>   > when ever i try to fetch more than
>   > 3 row from an firebird table it's end in an segfault.
>   >
>   > but when i revert the "bull patch" in dbi_result.c it works like a charm.
>   >
> Hi,
> I'd be happy to look at this issue. However, I haven't been able to
> set up firebird on Debian either. I've followed the excellent Ubuntu
> instructions which should work for Debian as well:
> However, no luck. isql-fb never manages to make a connection. I cannot
> create database, and I can't access the example database either. This
> database drives me nuts, I haven't seen it work on any platform here
> in the past couple of years.
> In order to have a chance to debug the driver, would you please share
> some information how you succeeded in running firebird at
> all. Again, I'm not talking about libdbi or libdbi-drivers problems. I
> just can't get the engine itself to work.
> regards,
> Markus


thanks for your investigating :)

i've run an debian 6.0.6 on i386 and install the lastest firebird-1.5 
because libdbi-driver depends on old include files (gds.h, etc). but you 
can use the tarball only
to compile and use the server from debian repository.

i 've never had problems to install an firebird server on debian, it 
works always out of the box.

the server is: firebird2.5-classic


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