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> Hi,
> thanks for your investigating :)
> i've run an debian 6.0.6 on i386 and install the lastest firebird-1.5
> from
> because libdbi-driver depends on old include files (gds.h, etc). but you
> can use the tarball only
> to compile and use the server from debian repository.
> i 've never had problems to install an firebird server on debian, it
> works always out of the box.
> the server is: firebird2.5-classic


I've tried both classic and super. In order to get the latter up and  
running, you're supposed to configure the package like this (as root):

dpkg-reconfigure firebird2.5-super

Even that command fails, saying it cannot connect. As this is still  
part of the installation, I have to consider this package broken.  
Classic does not require this step, but it doesn't work either. I'm  
sure that I miss some critical step in the procedure. What about  
accounts: do you run your queries from a regular user account? root?  
firebird? Also, where do you create databases? What are the  
permissions of that directory, and who owns it? Do you use localhost  
in the database specifier, do you use any other host information, or  
none at all? I'll give it another try tonight, but of course there is  
no point in delaying libdbi-drivers 0.9 any further if I don't have a  
chance to fix the firebird driver anyway. We'd have to move that  
driver to the "code present but unsupported" vault.

BTW I'm running Debian Wheezy i386 on the test box. I've installed it  
from scratch on Saturday, so it shouldn't be screwed up in any way  
that affects firebird. If I include Debian's weird non-standard  
library directories, I don't have any problems building the firebird  
driver from the headers and libraries provided by the Debian packages.


Markus Hoenicka
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