Christoph Kottke writes:
 > some more hits,
 > if you use xinet.d you must enabled by hand in 
 > /etc/xinet.d/firebird.conf and restart xinetd.
 > and new created db can only access by SYSDBA before the are activated...


one reboot later things have improved considerably. I tried to start
the superserver process manually yesterday. There were no error
messages, but the commands apparently did not succeed. After I booted
the box tonight, the server was started correctly, and I was at least
able to connect to the test database.

I started to fiddle with tests/test_dbi in order to get some tests
running. The test database is created ok using isql-fb, and I can
connect to that (empty) database manually. I also found out the hard
way that you have to run ./test_dbi as root to avoid error messages

Can't access lock files' directory /tmp/firebird

However, running the test as root results in error messages like
(printed using printf using a modified debug firebird driver):

Fatal lock manager error: invalid lock id (19892), errno: 11
--Resource temporarily unavailable

I'll have to investigate which commands exactly cause this error
messages, but at this time the test program does not run to completion
using this driver. Did you ever succeed in running the new test
kit? Or the old one shipped with 0.8.3 fwiw?


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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