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> Am 19.02.2013 00:16, schrieb
>> Did you ever succeed in running the new test
>> kit? Or the old one shipped with 0.8.3 fwiw?
> hi,
> i can't remeber on old kit passes and the new one has never pass.


I've tried a few things with the new testkit in the past couple of  
days. However, it seems we're asking too much of firebird if we intend  
to create and drop tables with each test - this results in lock file  
errors which I was not yet able to resolve. gdb isn't cooperative at  
least on Linux, so I can't even tell exactly which SQL command kills  
the server. My tried and true "printf debugger" wasn't helpful either.  
I built the firebird client on FreeBSD yesterday. I'll try and see if  
gdb is more up to the task on that platform.

In any case, going back to your original problem report: could you  
please provide two simple but complete test cases, one which is  
supposed to succeed (i.e. which retrieves a single row of data) and  
one which fails (which retrieves three or more rows, according to what  
you mentioned). Both test cases should be complete in that they create  
the database, create the table, insert the data, and clean up after  
themselves when the test succeeds. It would be a major step forward  
towards debugging if I was able to run these test cases on my box.


Markus Hoenicka
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