Hi all,

Worked myself through the list with template related issues and - apart from all great progress - found a few that are still open. And with 4.1 approaching rapidly...

60589 - [Template manager]: Can not copy styles between different files and templates

61396 - FILEOPEN: [Template Manager]Possibility to edit a template that is not in the repository, is lacking

and related
59427 - [Template Manager] low discoverability of new template manager - we could use "File → Organize templates" menu

I know there were some mails on issue 61396 already. I've not seen any on the others.

Though I'm not able to do a lot, I'm willing to try to contribute with thinking about design, use cases, testing and such.

Any ideas, things to share at this moment?


 - Cor
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 - www.librelex.org

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