Cor Nouws schreef op 20/05/13 01:39:

only managed to add the checkbox option to the gtk+, kde4
and native dialogs, still pending the windows one and mac, but i dont
have access to a mac, so its hard to work on that one.

Joren - also in cc here - does have and does some useful patches now and then. No idea if he would be able and willing... just posting the hint ;)
Willing to help: SURE! Able to help ... mmh, I don't know :-). At least I can test on Mac if new patches comes out (or if you have a draft patch I can verify/test it on mac. I'm not sure I can develop something for mac (without bugging other devs to help me out :) ).

So please tell me where I can be of any help in this project/task.

Kind regards,

PS: I have a Mac OSX 10.8.3 if that is relavant for testing patches.
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