Hi Rafael,

Rafael Dominguez wrote (11-05-13 00:28)
Well i dont have that much free time to spend on libreoffice sadly, just

We find that sad too ;)

a few hours here and there so my progress on fixing and improving the
template manager is kinda slow.  About the dialog so far theres no
design or talk about copying and handling styles. Any ideas for the
style functionality??

See the other mails.

Im currently working on bug 61396 (Editing a template outside of the

Ah, only now (after the other mail) see this.
I think (see the other mail) that it would indeed be needed to have that one. So useful work :)

only managed to add the checkbox option to the gtk+, kde4
and native dialogs, still pending the windows one and mac, but i dont
have access to a mac, so its hard to work on that one.

Joren - also in cc here - does have and does some useful patches now and then. No idea if he would be able and willing... just posting the hint ;)

Thanks a lot for your work!


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