Well i dont have that much free time to spend on libreoffice sadly, just a
few hours here and there so my progress on fixing and improving the
template manager is kinda slow.  About the dialog so far theres no design
or talk about copying and handling styles. Any ideas for the style

Im currently working on bug 61396 (Editing a template outside of the
repository), only managed to add the checkbox option to the gtk+, kde4 and
native dialogs, still pending the windows one and mac, but i dont have
access to a mac, so its hard to work on that one.

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 10:36 AM, Cor Nouws <oo...@nouenoff.nl> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Worked myself through the list with template related issues and - apart
> from all great progress - found a few that are still open. And with 4.1
> approaching rapidly...
> 60589 - [Template manager]: Can not copy styles between different files
> and templates
> 61396 - FILEOPEN: [Template Manager]Possibility to edit a template that is
> not in the repository, is lacking
> and related
> 59427 -  [Template Manager] low discoverability of new template manager -
> we could use "File → Organize templates" menu
> I know there were some mails on issue 61396 already. I've not seen any on
> the others.
> Though I'm not able to do a lot, I'm willing to try to contribute with
> thinking about design, use cases, testing and such.
> Any ideas, things to share at this moment?
> thanks,
> Cor
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