Well, today I tried by using Debian 10 (Maybe it would work by going to the
source, right?)

Wrong. It was an awful experience.

After seven hours in which the fans were at max, I didn't realize that the
make process hanged. No warning, no memory overflow messages (This VM has 6
GB of RAM assigned, BTW).

In the evening I restarted several times the VM to let 'make' pickup where
it left before it hanged out, but this turned out to be a very exhausting

There were no compilation errors so far, but I don't intend to restart again
and again to see if it finishes some day.

Maybe tomorrow I'l try with Debian 9, it could be more tested and reliable
for compiling LibreOffice... I guess...

The most recent version of Elementary is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Since you
also had a bad experience in it as me, I'm not very keen on trying Ubuntu
flavors and derivatives at the moment, although I'm curious to know if the
Ubuntu Mate and Budgie you used were based on 18.04, or in the previous LTS

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