Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Carsten Kuckuk  quotation:
> > As far as I understand, I can't use the GPL for any "open source"
> > project I write using Microsoft's MFC. Which alternatives do I have
> > regarding licenses, that come as close as possible to GPLing my own
> > sources?
>       You may grant special exception to the GPL to allow linkage
> with the MFC libraries.

The MFC libraries -as far as I'm aware- do not allow linkage with
GPL-licensed software. To be more precise, you usually may not
"combine or link" the MS software with certain other software,
typically called Publicly Available Software, Identified Software or
Potentially Viral Software. The definition of the latter more or
less covers all copyleft licenses.

You also usually may not distribute the two together or use such
software to develop derivative works of the MS software.

It's not just GPL. The definition would cover any license that
has GPL-like terms. And I don't know if the MFC license permits
redistribution under BSD-like terms, since I don't think you
get sublicensing rights or even source distribution rights.


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