>>>>> "CK" == Carsten Kuckuk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    CK> So from a first superficial look it seems that I can use VS
    CK> 6.0 in order to develop GPLs applications, and that I can
    CK> distribute the source code and the compiled version of the
    CK> application under the GPL as long as the executables use the
    CK> MSVCRT and MFC libraries as linked libraries (vs. static
    CK> linking), and as long as I don't include the MSVCRT and MFC
    CK> libraries with my software.

So, I realize this wasn't your question, which Rick answered quite
well, but I feel the need to note that you _can_ use an Open Source
toolset for creating Windows programs.

There's GnuWin32:


and mingw:


...for general-purpose compiling and such. Both are based on GCC, so
you get all the fancy STL classes and other features you may want out
of MFC.

There's also a number of cross-platform GUI widget kits, such as V:


...and wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows):


For the more adventurous, I believe there are ports of GTK and GNUStep
to Windows, too.

Anyways, I'm probably just stating the obvious, but I figured somebody


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