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> The dual-licensing requires a market need for *closed* source. How
> can this be in line with the open source ideals?
> (Please note I'm not at all against practising the dual-licensing
> model, given the current state of affairs.)

Why dual licensing should be connected to *closed* source?
You find many examples, such as Trolltech or MySQL, proposing such 
dual-licensing schemes. Not bcause customers WANT closed source, but 
simply because they also want to make internal develpment or internal 
use which does not fit the GPL or other Open Source license.

If you only propose GPL, you cut yourself from companies who would 
like to use your software, but must use your software or make it a 
subproject of non Open Source compatible software, or even, 
basically, cause they think their specific knowlege in a particular 
field cannot be shared.

Without closed source AND dual licensing, really free software would 
never (or at least not before the next glaciation) make its own bed 
in most companies. The 3 models are acceptable, dual-liecnsing does 
not really break Open Source paradigms.

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