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> On 9/18/16 4:00 PM, "Carl Sorensen" <c_soren...@byu.edu> wrote:
> >Chris,
> >
> >Here's a patch.  But as Werner pointed out, it's not quite done yet.  I
> >think I need to improve the badness scoring in order to get better
> >configurations from which to remove excess dots.
> There are two comments in the code that are wrong.

That's why I try to avoid writing _any_ comments in my coding ;)

As for the results, it seems there's some strange results with
chord-dots-limit = 0. #3 and #4 for example -- it seems it's ignoring notes
on a line.

Whilst I understand the zero in your new logic would strictly mean removing
those, I think the "dot distance" for a note on a line should be counted
from the adjacent space. Either that, or throw an exception on setting the
value to zero...?

There's another strange situation for dots-limit 0 in #9, where the D
inexplicably has no dot.


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