On 9/18/16 11:09 AM, "Chris Yate" <chrisy...@gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi Carl, thanks! I'll take a look later today. Would you be happy to send
>me a patch for the current source code HEAD?  (Or just the modified file).
>I was looking at the current code on Friday to try and understand it, so
>it would be good to see what you've changed. Also to have a local build
>with the fix in!!


Here's a patch.  But as Werner pointed out, it's not quite done yet.  I
think I need to improve the badness scoring in order to get better
configurations from which to remove excess dots.

The maze of data structures involved in the process made it challenging
for me to figure out what to do, but once I had the data structure down,
the fix was relatively straightforward.

Anyway, you're welcome to experiment with different approaches and/or
changes.  I'd love to see how you might do it differently.



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