On 18 Sep 2016 17:37, "Werner LEMBERG" <w...@gnu.org> wrote:
> > OK, I have rewritten the code for augmentation dot positioning.
> Great, and thanks a lot!
> > Personally, I like the results of this code better than the Gould
> > recommendations.  I would use this code, and make the default value
> > of chord-dots-limit be 1.
> I agree.
> > I'm attaching a copy of Dots.pdf created with the new code.  I have
> > not updated any of the markups describing the results, because this
> > allows you to better see the differences, I think.
> This looks very good, but there are two glitches, namely 13b and 23b,
> which can't be right.  23c looks wrong, too.
>     Werner

Hi Carl, thanks! I'll take a look later today. Would you be happy to send
me a patch for the current source code HEAD?  (Or just the modified file).

I was looking at the current code on Friday to try and understand it, so it
would be good to see what you've changed. Also to have a local build with
the fix in!!

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