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> On 9/18/16 4:00 PM, "Carl Sorensen" <c_soren...@byu.edu> wrote:
>>> >Chris,
>>> >
>>> >Here's a patch.  But as Werner pointed out, it's not quite done yet.  I
>>> >think I need to improve the badness scoring in order to get better
>>> >configurations from which to remove excess dots.

I'm beginning to understand the code, mainly thanks to reading your

The problems with example #23 seem to be due to the dots being pushed
further and further away from their noteheads.

Looking at the results, I suspect the positioning algorithm should try to
place dots on the space-notes first, then work the line-notes around them.

Additionally, chord-dots-limit might be used to limit how far away the dots
can be 'shifted' during the calculation process, rather than pruning the
excess dots after the fact.

I'm not sure how best to change the rather complicated calc_positioning
function to achieve that (and more importantly have to go to work now!) :-)


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