I am trying to transpose a Messiah lilypond file from mutopia: http://www.mutopiaproject.org/ftp/HandelGF/HWV56/Messiah/Messiah-lys.zip

However I'm not getting very far, could use a bit of help....

Extracting the zip gives a folder structure like:

   ..... (many more)

So, looking at this, there is a main.ly in ./Haendel/Oratorio/Messiah which I opened in frescobaldi, but I can't compile it, as all the paths in main.ly look like "\include "Haendel/Oratorio/Messiah/common.ily"

Am I supposed to copy that main.ly to the folder folder above "./Haendel", to make the paths work, or am i approaching this the wrong way?

(the ultimate goal here: printing off a transposed version of a particular aria)

I hope someone can give me some pointers here. No big hurry, as we still have some time left before christmas :-)


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