Hi Michael,

Thanks for your suggestion, it improves matters a lot, but there are still *MANY* (different kinds) errors. The complete output is here:


Are there some basic settings/things that would perhaps help..?

(and generally speaking... would  main.ly be the file to open?)
(this whole opening-ly-files-from-mutopia business is new to me)


On 11/30/2016 11:33 AM, Gerdau, Michael wrote:
Hi MJ,

I am trying to transpose a Messiah lilypond file from mutopia:

However I'm not getting very far, could use a bit of help....

Extracting the zip gives a folder structure like:

    ..... (many more)

So, looking at this, there is a main.ly in ./Haendel/Oratorio/Messiah
which I opened in frescobaldi, but I can't compile it, as all the paths
in main.ly look like "\include "Haendel/Oratorio/Messiah/common.ily"

The aforementioned include tries to include the file common.ily, which is in the
same folder as the main.ly you are trying to convert.
Given that there is also a directory ./common which hold a couple of other
to-be-included files I'd add the directory that you extracted your ZIP in to
frescobaldi's include paths.

E.g. the absolute path to your main.ly would be
then add "/home/mj/my-lp-scores/from_mutopia/" (or ~/my-lp-scores/from_mutopia/)
to frescobaldi's include paths.

Kind regards,
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