Another release

This is something which is much more of a decent release. It should build
on most standard machines now, I believe. You can get it, as usual, from:

I removed the four separate subpackages. There is only one package (r2l-*
itself). THus there is much less junk there.

One problem with building it is that the option '--prefix' of the
configure script has no effect. If you want to build it under, say,
/home/tzafrir , then you should run:

  make PREFIX=/home/tzafrir

There are also configure options (that do work) for disabling the build of
refreshd (--disable-refreshd) or for disabling the build of the
r2l-plugins (--disable-plugins).

I'm generally quite satisfied with this one (even though I have some
problems when trying to build it on other platforms, mainly with
refreshd, I can live with that)

So I'd like to hear some success stories, and then get 1.0 out.

Tzafrir Cohen

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