Here's a generic.prm I use to get things going:

ramdisk_size=131072 cio_ignore=all,!0.0.0009

There is also the genericdvd.prm on the ISO image.

´╗┐On 5/17/18, 12:04, "Linux on 390 Port on behalf of Hamilton, Robert" 
<LINUX-390@VM.MARIST.EDU on behalf of> wrote:

    I am installing ClefOS 7.4 to run under Hercules, to make sure what I have 
to do before attempting to install it (ClefOS) into an LPAR.
    Hercules is running under Centos 6.something on my laptop.
    I have the 74base.iso loop-mounted, so it should be loading everything via 
http within Hercules.
    I have the 74update.iso, if that would work better, but I haven't tried it 
    I have done a variety of things to make the installation work, and it 
hasn't so far. I never get the timeout-starting messages Frank gets, but I 
always seem to get down to that message about /dev/root not existing.
    Google shows a number of these occurrences in the past, mostly because the 
ramdisk didn't get started/created properly. I have increased the memory that 
Hercules specifies for this guy, but I keep getting...
    >Warning: /dev/root does not exist
    I figured it was just me. I think I have a problem with my kernel parms, 
based on what I found in Google; I think I've just been using the basic setup 
included in the ISO (generic.ins). I have taken the CMS "support' files that 
they also distribute, and concatenate those on device 000C so I can IPL from it 
in Hercules, and that works slightly differently, but...I always end up with...
    >Warning: /dev/root does not exist
    I'd be happy to hear any ideas, too.

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