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> This is a very old BTRFS filesystem created with Fedora *23* i.e. a linux 
> kernel and btrfs-progs around version 4.2. It was probably created 2015-10-31 
> with Fedora 23 beta and kernel 4.2.4 or 4.2.5.
> I ran `btrfs scrub` about a month ago without issues. I ran `btrfs check` 
> maybe a year ago without issues. I also run `btrfs filesystem balance` from 
> time to time (~once a year). None of these have shown the issue before. Does 
> that mean that the issue has not been present for a long time (>1 year)?

Maybe. The generation on these two leaves look recent. But kernels
since ~5.3 have a write time tree checker designed to catch metadata
errors before they are written.

What do you get for:

btrfs insp dump-s -f /dev/dm-0

Hopefully Qu or Josef will have an idea.

Chris Murphy

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