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> > > * Samsung 840 series SSD (SMART data looks fine)
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> > EVO or PRO? And what does its /proc/mounts line look like?
> Model is MZ-7TD500, which seems to be an EVO. Firmware is DXT08B0Q.

For me smartctl reports
Device Model:     Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB
Firmware Version: EXT0DB6Q

Yours might be a PRO or it could just be a different era EVO. Last I
checked, Samsung had no firmware updates on their website for the 840
EVO. While I'm aware of some minor firmware bugs related to smartctl
testing, so far I've done well over 100 pull the power cord tests
while doing heavy writes (with Btrfs), and have never had a problem.
So I'd say there's probably not a "per se" problem with this model.
Best guess is that since the leaves pass checksum, it's not
corruption, but some SSD equivalent of a misdirected write (?) if
that's possible. It just looks like these two leaves are in the wrong

> > Total_LBAs_Written?
> Raw value:

OK I'm at 33063832698

Well hopefully --repair will fix it (let us know either way) and if
not, then we'll see what Josef can come up with, or alternatively you
can just mkfs and restore from backups which will surely be faster.

Chris Murphy

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