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> > > EVO or PRO? And what does its /proc/mounts line look like?
> >
> > Model is MZ-7TD500, which seems to be an EVO. Firmware is DXT08B0Q.
> For me smartctl reports
> Device Model:     Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB
> Firmware Version: EXT0DB6Q
> Yours might be a PRO or it could just be a different era EVO. Last I
> checked, Samsung had no firmware updates on their website for the 840
> EVO. While I'm aware of some minor firmware bugs related to smartctl
> testing, so far I've done well over 100 pull the power cord tests
> while doing heavy writes (with Btrfs), and have never had a problem.
> So I'd say there's probably not a "per se" problem with this model.
> Best guess is that since the leaves pass checksum, it's not
> corruption, but some SSD equivalent of a misdirected write (?) if
> that's possible. It just looks like these two leaves are in the wrong
> place.

I'd rather go with the theory you (indirectly) raised a few days ago that my 
RAM may misbehave (when you suggested I run memtest). This is rather possible 
because I had difficulties understanding my BIOS and at some point I have 
accidentally enabled some overclocking. As I know this may cause the RAM to 
misbehave (and I don't have ECC RAM), this may as well be the reason.

> > > Total_LBAs_Written?
> >
> > Raw value:
> 92857573119
> OK I'm at 33063832698
> Well hopefully --repair will fix it (let us know either way) and if
> not, then we'll see what Josef can come up with, or alternatively you
> can just mkfs and restore from backups which will surely be faster.

Sadly it didn't (see other e-mail) but I think I'll go for the latter (mkfs and 
restore from backups) as I *think* my backups are fine and I don't want to 
waste more of your time (unless Josef wants to get his changes tested).

Thanks very much so far for the support and thanks for maintaining BTRFS :-)

Kind regards,

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