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Betreff: Re: Re: Help needed with filesystem errors: parent transid verify 

What do you get for:

btrfs insp dump-s -f /dev/dm-0

See attached file "btrfs_insp_dump-s_-f.txt"

I'm on PTO this week so I'll be a little less responsive, but thankfully this is just the extent tree. First thing is to make sure you've backed everything up, and then you should be able to just do btrfs check --repair and it should fix it for you.

However I've noticed some failure cases where it won't fix transid errors sometimes because it errors out trying to read the things. If that happens just let me know, I have a private branch with fsck changes to address this class of problems and I can point you at that. I'd rather wait to make sure the normal fsck won't work first tho, just in case. Thanks,


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