> ...
>>> Another problem (after fixing the compile issues) is the IR Part of v4l-dvb 
>>> which includes an Imon module.
>>> This module doesn't provide any lirc devices, so how can this oe be used as 
>>> an IR device ?
>> You don't need lirc to use imon, since it now provides a standard 
>> input/event interface. So, the driver
>> currently can be used with lirc event interface, or alone.
> See http://wilsonet.com/jarod/imon_stuff/imon-devinput-lirc/ for the
> config I use w/my own imon hardware.
Tanks for the hint !

>>> Til now I am using lirc_imon which fit all my needs.
>> Lirc-dev patches are currently being discussed. There are just a few 
>> adjustments on it, in order to get it
>> finally merged. The kernel-userspace interface will likely need a few 
>> changes, so you'll likely need to update
>> lirc after the merge. Better to follow the IR threads at linux-media ML, in 
>> order to be in-tune with the changes.
> I've considered adding lirc_dev support back to the imon driver when
> we get it merged, but it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense,
> given that the imon devices do all IR decoding in hardware. As long as
> the keymap is complete, there's no benefit to wiring up lirc_dev vs.
> just using lircd's devinput access method for imon devices.
You're right, also inputlircd can do the job.

Is your imon driver fully compatible with the lirc_imon in the display part ?

It would be very helpful to add a parameter for disabling the IR Part, I have 
many users which
are using only the display part.

Helmut Auer, hel...@helmutauer.de
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