>> Now with kernel 2.6.34 this doesn't work anymore, because v4l-dvb doesn't 
>> compile.
> Douglas returned from this 2 week trip abroad and he is backporting the 
> upstream stuff. Yesterday, he
> reported to me that the tree is now compiling with 2.6.34.
Ok - I also got it compiling, but budget-ci is causing kernel oops (see other 
ML thread)
>> The final question for me:
>> Does it make any sense anymore to stay with v4l-dvb or do I have to change 
>> to the kernel drivers ?
>> The major disadvantage of the kernel drivers is the fact that I cannot 
>> switch to newer dvb drivers, I am stuck to the ones included in the kernel.
> Well, this is something that you need to answer by yourself ;)
Thats not what I wanted to hear ;)

> I don't recommend using a random snapshot of the tree on a distro package, as 
> regressions may
> happen during the development period.
> Also, the backports are done at best efforts. There are no warranties, no QA 
> and generally no 
> tests with real hardware when a backport is done. So, while we hope that the 
> backport will work, 
> you may have a bug introduced on the backport stuff that may affect your 
> card, not present
> upstream.
> IMHO, the better is to just upgrade to the next stable kernel. 
Ok -  that what I also thought
formerly v4l-dvb was the bleeding edge and the kernel draivers were about 2 
Versions behind.
Now the kernel drivers are often the newer ones, so I have to switch.

> Another alternative is to manually apply on your distro the patches that you 
> need there.
> All patches with c/c to sta...@kernel.org are bug fixes that needs to be 
> backported to older
> (stable) kernels. So, a good hint is to check for those stable patches. 
> Unfortunately, not all
> developers remind to add a c/c to stable. I try to do my best to re-tag those 
> emails when
> sending the patches upstream, but I generally opt to trust on the developers, 
> since a fix may
> apply only at the latest upstream kernel.
Thats surely an option, but an average user of my distri can't compile a kernel 
Emerging v4l-dvb is much easier ;)

Helmut Auer, hel...@helmutauer.de
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