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> If you're not seeing that function in the iDRAC, make sure you are
> running the latest version.  I'm currently running  firmware version

You're right, it is a function of iDRAC version.  Despite the post
I initially quoted, I've since found documentation that vdisk management
was added in the 2.x releases for iDRAC 7 and apparently iDRAC 8.

The particular system that has the failed drive happens to not be at the
2.x release for iDRAC 7.

We're going to schedule an outage for this weekend and remedy that.  We're
also going to pull a report from our OME system to try identify any other
systems that don't have recent iDRAC 7 or iDRAC 8 versions.

Thanks much to everyone that's responded!  It's been very helpful in
filling in what we were missing.

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