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> On 08/10/2017 05:49 PM, Tim Mooney wrote:

>> The particular system that has the failed drive happens to not be at the
>> 2.x release for iDRAC 7.
>> We're going to schedule an outage for this weekend and remedy that.  We're
>> also going to pull a report from our OME system to try identify any other
>> systems that don't have recent iDRAC 7 or iDRAC 8 versions.

> Shouldn't need any downtime. Just download and run 

I've done that kind of thing for smaller version bumps for things like
the NIC, but considering it's iDRAC and we're going from 1.57.something
to, I felt like it would be a lot safer to do this during
an outage.  I also didn't know if there were any dependencies involved,
with other component versions (other things also needing to be updated,
in a particular order, because of the change in major version # of
the iDRAC).

I appreciate the tip though!  If we find any other systems that have
iDRAC that's in the 1.x series and the system isn't as critical, I may
give the individual .BIN update a try.

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