On 2013–05–08 Chris Bagnall wrote:

> On 8/5/13 7:41 pm, Marco wrote:
> >no IP configured
> This would be your problem.

This was the problem, indeed. I set the LAN to DHCP and I can see
the pfSense box and access the web configurator.

> >How can I make the pfsense box visible from the LAN side? Am I doing
> >something wrong or is this expected?
> I suspect it's expected behaviour. If you want to use pfSense purely
> as an access point, then you're probably best off not using LAN at
> all (unless you need filtering). Bridge WAN with your WLAN interface
> and LAN becomes effectively redundant.

I think I didn't make myself clear, sorry. The LAN *is* the WLAN. I
have just two interfaces, one ethernet (WAN) and one WLAN (LAN), and
then a bridge across both (OPT1).

Thanks for the very quick response. It works now.


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