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> I am not sure what you are precisely trying to do… 

This box is a replacement for an old Debian AP I set up a few years
ago which worked flawlessly but died recently. It did not do any
filtering, it was just a bridge between wired and wireless network
using hostap and bridge-utils to provide wireless internet access
for about a dozen users. Since everybody is talking about pfSense I
thought I could give it a try for this setup.

> But if your idea is to have a neutral wireless AP, you will want to: 
> 1. bridge the WAN and WLAN together. 

That's what I did. The missing IP address (I still don't know why
this is necessary, but nevermind) on the WLAN network was the cause
of my trouble. It's working now.

> 2. deactivate all firewalling on your box (advanced network or
> firewall settings). 

That's what I did.

> 3. In case you want to filter, you might want to change the
> settings in advanced so that you filter on the bridge rather than
> on each interface (in the sysctl pane). 

When time permits I will definitely look into the features pfSense
provides to improve the network quality. I'm especially interested
in prioritizing skype traffic. That has been the biggest problem in
the past. During the peak hours video calls are not possible. Maybe
the traffic shaper could be of help. On the other hand I read that
skype is very hard to shape.

Thank you too for the response.


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