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> I am not sure what you are precisely trying to do… But if your
> idea is to have a neutral wireless AP, you will want to: 
> 1. bridge the WAN and WLAN together. 
> 2. deactivate all firewalling on your box (advanced network or
> firewall settings). 
> 3. In case you want to filter, you might want to change the
> settings in advanced so that you filter on the bridge rather than
> on each interface (in the sysctl pane). 
> If you have console access to the FW, use the "pfctl -d" command
> line to deactivate the FW - It'll ease your job !

Sorry, I was too quick. It only “somehow” works. Here's the
current situation:

I changed the WLAN (LAN) interface from no IP address to DHCP and I
could see the pfSense box from the WLAN. Then I changed the cabling
from the test setup to the original one. In particular, I unplugged
the pfSense box from the WAN for a few seconds to remove a switch.
After this change, I couldn't access the pfSense box any more. I
plugged the switch again and got a new DHCP lease for the WLAN (LAN)
interface. It showed as IP. I don't know why, but it worked
anyway. I can access the pfSense box from the WLAN *until I remove
the cable again*, which I definitely need to do to remove the

Then I decided to use a static IP instead of DHCP, which worked, it
survived the removal of the switch and I still have access to the
pfSense box. I don't know if the randomly selected IP may collide
with the IPs distributed by the DHCP server, so this solution might
not be optimal. Anyway, all hosts see the IP of the pfSense box and
my randomly selected one.

All hosts in the WLAN (LAN) can see all other hosts in the WAN,
including pfSense box, but they can't see each other. Why can't the
hosts in the WLAN see each other?


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