Hannes Werner wrote on 26.09.2014 16:51:
> thank you very much Giles, but unfortunately it doesn't help.
> anyone here who is using asterisk behind pfSense on a dynamic IP WAN
> successfully?

Hello Hannes!

I have also used asterisk behind a dynamic PPPoE WAN. I had the exact
same issues that the bug report is describing.

I tried different ways to get it to work and I found that some solutions
work with some providers, but fail at others. There seems to be alot of
black magic involved when configuring SIP to work in such a configuration :)

What worked best was to set nat=no and externip=<the local asterisk IP>.
I had also not done any port forwards whatsoever on pfsense,  outgoing
NAT was set to automatic.

I certainly cannot explain why it was working that way!

Hope it helps!
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