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> The description of what's enabled/disabled got confused from Jim's
> earlier post I think. LRO and TSO are both disabled by default,
> hardware checksum offloading is enabled by default.

Just for the record, Jim's message ended with:
It’s possible, if everything else is right, then IP checksum offload can 
provide a modest performance improvement, but this is unlikely to be more than 
“noticeable” at the speeds where most individuals run pfSense.   However, at 
10Gbps (or above),
these engines become quite useful.   Support for these is an important 
component of our “3.0” effort.

In case it’s not clear by now, these settings are all *disabled* by default in 

It sounds like the "all disabled" setting would be the "safest" and, for all 
but the high-volume installs, offer essentially the same performance.  I'll 
update/resend the request to the email address for whomever updates the WiKi.  
Regardless, Jim's explanation helped (some of) us better understand these 

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